VAZESH feat LLOYD SWANTON ‘The Sacred Key’


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Vazesh perform long-form improvisations inspired by the Persian Radif, and renowned Iranian tar player Hamed Sadeghi’s (Eishan Ensemble) music. Featuring Sadeghi alongside saxophonist-bass clarinettist Jeremy Rose (Earshift Orchestra, The Vampires) and bassist Lloyd Swanton (The Necks, The catholics) this is an exciting collaboration driven by an exploration of musical discovery. In 2020 Vazesh were invited to reopen the Sydney Opera House’s music program with two sold-out shows. This has been beautifully captured and presented on their debut album The Sacred Key.

“Our performances are inspired simultaneously by the vibe, audience, venue, and elements around it,” explains Hamed. “This live album captures the spontaneous composition of the group – something that is often difficult to replicate in a studio setting.  In Vazesh, we organically take turns at providing melodic and accompaniment roles. Whatever the music calls for in a particular moment, whether it’s providing a melody, a rhythmic part or a layer of texture,” says Hamed.

Lloyd adds “It’s been a gratifying challenge to meld Jeremy’s and my principles of spontaneous improvisation with Hamed’s deep immersion in the Persian Radif.  Hamed and Jeremy are both – despite their vastly different musical backgrounds – such open-minded musicians. So when we all tune in to the feeling of commonality as we play, magic always occurs.”