V/A: PEEPHOLE IN MY BRAIN: British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1971 3CD


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Featuring a 40-page booklet crammed with rare illustrations and the stories behind the songs, Peephole In My Brain is yet another essential collection compiled by CHERRY RED & a great addition to Grapefruit’s acclaimed year-by-year series of late Sixties/early Seventies British rock and pop. 

1971 stands as an odd, rather surreal year in British pop history: while American soft-rockers and singer-songwriters were dominating the album charts, the year in which the UK ch-ch-changed over to decimal currency saw the homegrown pop/rock scene becoming increasingly eccentric.  Marc Bolan invented glam rock, David Bowie wore a dress on the front cover of his latest album, The Kinks provided the soundtrack for a film about a penis transplant, DJ Tony Blackburn chose a single by The Edgar Broughton Band as his Record of the Week, and Jonathan King was backed on Top of the Pops by Fairport Convention.  Peephole In My Brain documents the progressive-pop sounds of the year as the underground rock scene crossed over to the mainstream.

On yet another fab well researched & resourced CHERRY RED RECORDS comp, here we have 71 tracks from ’71 including major hits for the likes of Curved Air, Atomic Rooster and John Kongos as well as a selection of key album cuts from Procol Harum, ELP, Magna Carta, Barclay James Harvest, Cressida, Help Yourself, Legend and many others.  Along with the usual lesser known, but by no means less important takes tracked down by these wonderful archivist labels.