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The Woodland Hunters have been chasing songs for over half a decade now. They began like every guitar band, bonding over the love of overdriven amp rattle, bass lines subterranean enough to annoy the neighbours, and the joyous crack of a Ludwig snare drum. It took place in a wooden Footscray shed, but it was rock of the garage type.

Then as the songs started flowing, they discovered a different, more subtle pleasure – that of following a musical idea down the rabbit hole. Some songs were a bit folk-rock, others a bit funky. Some took inspiration from 60’s psychedelia while others drew heavily on 70’s jam band grooves. In every case, the unwritten rule was: always follow the song, let the song lead.

The Woodland Hunters’ third album is entitled Pale Horse. Recorded at Yikesville and produced by Shane O’Mara, it contains songs about ecstatic desert visions, shape-shifting tricksters and lost connections. It refuses to stay in a genre lane, straddling Americana, power pop, stoner rock and more. The first single ‘Coming Along’ is a full-hearted embrace of positive, progressive action – a musical ‘hell yeah’ to anyone trying to move things along in a forward direction.

What they’re saying about Pale Horse: ‘Takes the best of CSNY or Crazy Horse and puts it in a modern context’  Bob Osborne: River Gibbs FM, UK

‘An album filed with swaggering riffs and ear catching melodies’  Jeff Ross: KFFP-LP 90.3FM, Portland USA

‘Combines thought provoking lyrics with gritty music you can dance to!’ Crispi: PBS 106.7FM