THE WHO ‘The Who Sell Out’ 2CD


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This new two-disc version adds previously unused jingles alongside the expected alternate mixes and early demos.  To this day, this ‘concept’ album is regarded as either genius or folly, but it’s an undeniably fascinating indicator to the restlessness and reactionary spirit of one of the greatest groups we’ve ever heard.
The songs, however, remain the selling point, with Townshend’s growing curiousity about the world he inhabits revealing him to be as articulate a social commentator as Ray Davies.  ‘I Can See For Miles’ was of course the powerhouse single, but there was a vulnerable element to tracks such as ‘Tattoo’, with it’s half-answered questions on the definition of manhood.  ‘I Can’t Reach You’ and ‘Rael’ both strayed beyond the previous template of the accepted notions of pop, rich in motifs that would return more fully-formed on ‘TOMMY’.