TALLIES ‘Patina’


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With a winning eponymous debut in 2019 that not only recalled but seemed to summon the seductive, bittersweet jangle of bands like the Sundays, Lush, the Smiths, and at their most imposing, Cocteau Twins, Canada’s Tallies landed a record deal with none other than Bella Union, a label curated by Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde. Their debut for the label, Patina, delivers another high-quality set of infectious, subtly varied, vintage indie/dream pop for tuneful ears and stirring souls,
fusing jangly guitars, dreamy vocals and lush fuzz-pop to fantastic conclusions. On their brand-new album Patina, these Canadians deliver crisp production and ethereal moods.
With impeccable craft in hooks, warm feelings, and jangling rhythms, Tallies clearly know how to pay dutiful homage to indie-rock history. In lesser hands, Patina would feel like a paint-by-numbers guitar-pop with bouncy energy and mopey lyrics. Instead, Tallies infuses those tired elements with a cheery effervescence and a penchant for fun. By opting for oddball optimism and earnest emotions over the genre’s familiar frowns, the band reinvigorates ‘90s college rock with flair.