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The Teskey Brothers’ Sam Teskey takes a dramatic new direction with solo album.  The Teskey’s enjoyed a stellar slew of nominations at the 2019 ARIAs for their second album, Run Home Slow. With their earthy, blues-centred sound, the band went home with Best Group and Best Blues and Roots Album, while Sam took out the Engineer of the Year award for his production work. But their seemingly overnight success was rooted in more than a decade of practice.

Now Sam is stepping out with Cycles, his first solo offering. Favouring Pink Floyd over Otis Redding, it might seem Teskey felt hampered by the band’s loyalty to the soul greats. But Cycles is not so much the exploration of a newfound style, as it is a carefully curated exhibition of the surplus creativity that’s been simmering away while the Teskey Brothers were on the boil. Whilst the songs may have been birthed on the road, these final recordings are a home affair. Brought to life in the Teskeys’ beloved analogue-only home studio , Cycles crackles with retro authenticity and the influences of decades long gone.  It’s an intuitive, hypnotising journey as full of creative freedom for the listener as it was for Teskey to create: an open canvas for the imagination…it’s a surprising, thrilling and immersive listen