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Raechel Whitchurch was born and raised on country music. Some might say that her life reads like a country song – from her parents’ shotgun wedding and her childhood spent living in a caravan, to her dobro-playing husband and their babies named after long-gone country music stars – it’s hardly surprising that she ended up singing her songs for a living.

 Raechel started playing piano when she was 5, and then traded it in at 8 for a mandolin. Guitar and banjo soon followed, and so did the songs.

 Family and legacy are themes that are very important to Raechel, having grown up in a tight-knit family based in Broken Hill in far western NSW. Her entrepreneurial parents decided that they would home-school Raechel and her siblings while living in a caravan and travelling around Australia for the better part of five years. They instilled in her the deep values of working hard and being honest, and these themes become very apparent when you listen to Raechel’s lyrics.

 In 2019, Raechel realised that she had more than enough songs for a full-length album, and she felt ready to put those songs out into the world. This is her full length album debut, and it is a corker!  Great songs, great voice, and a terrific band behind her, along with the wonderful KEVIN BENNETT guesting on vocals…a very classy & accomplished debut indeed!