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Her debut album, Living With Ghosts was breathtaking, with its simplicity only amplifying its sincerity and a quintessential release in Americana and modern folk music. Coming full circle, she’s done just that with her tenth studio release, Tape.

Counting her debut album, Griffin has recorded and released nine studio albums across various record labels over the years, a pair of live releases, as well as countless contributions to other’s releases and compilations. Griffin has continued to push her musical boundaries, always remaining fresh and vital.

Whilst most definitely ‘lo fi’ this is a special collection. Griffin swaps between acoustic guitar and piano on the majority of these tracks with some of the tracks featuring a bit more accompaniment, such as percussion and organ inciting a “fuller” sound, yet still retaining the intimacy of a demo recording. These ten songs are “working” recordings and much like Griffin’s debut, they’re full of echo, blemishes and ambient noises. If you’re expecting the exquisite polish and production of recent Griffin albums, you may be slightly taken aback, but just know these recordings are a rare glimpse behind the curtain at an artist creating her art, warts and all. It is indeed a special recording.