MIIESHA ‘Nyaaringu’


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Weaving intensely personal and honest storytelling  Miiesha captures the complexity of the individual Indigenous experience through universally appealing songs.

Hailing from the small Aboriginal community of Woorabinda in Central Queensland, her velvety vocals pillowed by mellow synths and airy percussion, the songs tackle discrimination and empowerment in a swaying yet searing hook: ‘Survival ain’t that beautiful/I’ve just made it look this good for you’.   But for all the warm grooves and lush production, the real star is the 20yo’s incredible voice.  Like the best soul singers, Miiesha makes you feel every expression of joy and sadness. Significantly, Nyaaringu (which translates to ‘what happened’ in Pitjantjatjara) doesn’t begin with Miiesha’s voice at all.  The record opens with a statement of intent from Miiesha’s late Grandmother: “I think for we who’ve been trodden on, not given a lot of freedom, you’ve got to believe in yourself.”