MARGO PRICE ‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’


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On her third album. “That’s How Rumors Get Started,”  finds her working not just with a new label, but a new producer, Sturgill Simpson. Having made a significant sonic break of his own from old-school country, it’s possible Simpson is the one who put the bug in her ear about not staying too indebted to the Nudies-suit sound. Most likely, though, she’s just falling deeper into a different kind of gentle Southern rock — something we could reasonably call Tom Petty country — because “Wildflowers” don’t care they grow.  (Benmont Tench is among the players, so that’s a slight tip-off to where she’s headed.)

The 10 songs on this lovely and mostly subdued collection deal tend toward the most universal singer-songwriter themes: being glad your ex is an ex; wondering how to keep your current partner from becoming an ex; pondering whether love might survive the grave… and, of course, The Road.  “Heartless Mind” is the barnburner of the record, all swirly organs, psyched-out twin guitar leads and nervous energy that contends “love’s a house that might be haunted.” Since Price’s husband, Jeremy Ivey, co-wrote nearly all these songs and plays guitar on most of them, we can probably infer that the state of the union is strong.