MAPLE GLIDER ‘To Enjoy Is The Only Thing’


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There’s something exciting about a debut, and certainly this is the case with TORI ZIETSCH’s solo project MAPLE GLIDER.   A new artist emerges on their own terms, or so we like to believe, their early vision pure of the influences and pressures that inevitably accompany tenure in the music biz. The Melbourne-based songwriter’s debut is sparse and hypnotic, drawing connections between her experiences of leaving a relationship and leaving a religious upbringing. From the opening song, “As Tradition,” we’re introduced to Zietsch’s gift for evocative tunes, sensuous vocals, and lyrics that address love, loss, addiction, codependency, and the need for honest self-assessment.  Despite their sparseness, the album’s songs are hypnotic and tightly structured.

Like Weyes Blood and Pearl Charles, among others, Tori Zietsch draws from, contemporizes, and ultimately transcends canonic sources, including Karen Carpenter, Carole King, and Carly Simon, particularly in terms of melodic construction and vocal cadence/timbre. The result is a debut replete with seductive songs, signature vocals, and intriguing lyrical forays. Hopefully, To Enjoy Is the Only Thing will receive the attention it deserves. *Fans of LONDON GRAMMAR, LANA DEL REY….check this album out….sublime, ethereal, beautiful…highly recommended!