LIZ STRINGER ‘First Time Really Feeling’


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Alongside solo albums and countless tours, Stringer has also worked collaboratively with Mia Dyson and Jen Cloher. Together As Dyson, Stringer Cloher they recorded an album at Wilco’s Loft in Chicago, and toured nationally.

‘First Time Really Feeling’ is described as a culmination of the artist’s work to date, and presents “a musical time-capsule of love, loss and legacy, profound change and her recent path to self-acceptance.” At the midpoint of the album is ‘The Metrologist’, an extraordinary reckoning with themes of addiction, depression, expectations and sexism.

Filled with folk inflected rock narratives and anthemic balladry, ‘First Time Really Feeling’ is an extraordinary record from a singular artist.

Stringer has never shied away from introspection and honesty. Solo albums like the lovelorn alt-country of 2008’s ‘Pendulum’ and the refined folk-rock of 2016’s ‘All The Bridges’ offer tender and intimate confessionals, Stringer’s unmistakable smoky vocals adding a further emotional heft. Never before across her body of work, however, has she forged an album that feels as lived-in and as close to home as this. ‘First Time Really Feeling’, Stringer’s sixth LP, is a reflection on changing perspectives, newfound sobriety and all the roads travelled to get to where she is right now.