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Bob Dylan dreamed he saw St. Augustine. Cohen has walked the earth trying to be St. Augustine. He has never made a pretense of his confessions being anything other than personal _ there really was a Suzanne just like there really was a Marianne. But as time has gone on Cohen has shorn the ornament from his language to move from the personal to the universal. The lyrics on Old Ideas reach for the stark power of prayers hymns and religious riddles. The music is just as basic: a keyboard or guitar breaks the stillness a drummer tries to simulate a Casio rhythm box backup girls offer comfort to the weak a stringed instrument gives a final blessing. Cohen is telling us that the ideas on this album– home healing origins and endings– are ideas that take on a starker more metaphorical weight as time goes on. We can trust Cohen to know: Over the past 77 years he has in a graceful but inevitable way become old.

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