LEON BRIDGES ‘Gold Diggers Sound’


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His first album since 2018’s ‘Good Thing’, Bridges’ latest offering maintains the traditional elements of old-school soul heard on his previous work but introduces a new, vibrant, almost luminous aesthetic.  The record is named after the studio where all eleven songs were written and recorded. In fact, Gold Diggers is not just a recording studio, but also a bar/hotel in Los Angeles, situated off the infamous Santa Monica Boulevard. The album is a collection of stories from the singer’s life and celebrates his immersive experience of creating music in the same East Hollywood room where he lived and worked over a period of two years.

Instrumentally, the entire album feels like it could have been recorded in one take. Littered with soulful sonics, immersive deep grooves – which are best demonstrated on the pleading ‘Details’ – and profoundly effective pockets of jazz, it comes off as an uninterrupted jam session, a cohesive masterclass from start to finish. With ‘Gold-Diggers Sound’, Bridges has entered a new chapter. Donning the hat of a journeyman, he holds onto some of the retro characteristics he’s known for while firmly embracing a fresh sound and a new direction.  ‘Gold-Diggers Sound’ is an effortless and easy listen thanks to the high production value, Bridges’ velvety-smooth vocals, and the strength of his songwriting, it may well be one of the albums of the year.