KATE BUSH ‘Remastered PART II’


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This box set is the second part of the collection of remastered reissues of the albums by the iconic British singer / songwriter Kate Bush, one of the most iconoclastic music figures in the Pop / Rock Culture. It presents albums released after the twelve years long hiatus, during which Bush almost completely disappeared form the public eye, finally returning with her eighth studio album. This box set includes the following albums: “Aerial” (2CD) (2005), “Director`s Cut” (2011), “50 Words For Snow” (2011), the live album “Before The Dawn” (3CD) (2014) and finally a collection of rarities called “The Other Sides” (4CD) (2018). Bush wrote all the songs (music and lyrics) on these albums (except for some tracks on the rarities collection). The excellently remastered albums are beautifully repackaged in attractive digibooks and include the lyrics of all the songs. All eleven albums are housed in a box.

She also proved to be a sensational performer and released her first live album, which is one of the most impressive concert recordings of the last decade. The four CDs of rarities are a sensational addition to her recording legacy, and a treasure chest of material for her many faithful fans and followers.

In retrospect this box set offers another capsule of music history, which remains largely unchallenged to this very day. A massive dose of superb melodies, intelligent lyrics, wonderful arrangements, masterful execution and a joy of artistic expression, that withstands the tides of time and ignores fads and fashions, which come and go, leaving the real stuff standing proud.

It is hard to imagine any true music lover not being familiar with this music, alas for those who missed it, it is never too late. In short do yourself a favor and get exposed to this wondrous music ASAP, but be warned, as you might get addicted!