GUY DAVIS ‘Be Ready When I Call You’


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Guy Davis’ music lies right at the intersection of blues and folk and up until now with Be Ready When I Call You his albums have been largely packed with great interpretations of traditional material. This kind of work culminated in Davis’s previous album with harmonica ace Fabrizio Poggi, Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train, being nominated for a 2017 Grammy.  With over a dozen albums behind him, this new one marks the first time Davis has written practically all the songs. Only Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful” stands as the lone cover. Issues of social justice, racial history, immigration, unemployment, Flint water, and coincidentally what seems so timely, Mideastern strife, tend to dominate the subject matter which otherwise, turns to the usual subjects of love and blues philosophy.

Davis plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica and he is a terrific, immensely captivating solo live performer. Often though he plays festival dates with a quartet which he features here, mostly Woodstock area folks, Professor Louie (keyboards), Gary Burke (drums), John Platania (guitar), and Mark Murphy (standup bass and cello). Other contributors include Christopher James (acoustic guitar, 6 string banjo, mandolin), Jeff Haynes (percussion), David Bernz, Timothy Hill, and Casey Erdman (all of background vocals). Aaron Hurwitz who did much work with the second generation of The Band, mixed and engineered.