GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS ‘All That You Can Dream’


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When you’re a musician used to a certain creative groove, it’s disorienting to have this rhythm disrupted. But that was just the position Grant-Lee Phillips found himself in spring 2020: Months before the release of a new full-length, ‘Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff’ – the pandemic led to the cancellation of tour dates and other promotional plans. Like many musicians, Phillips sought out silver linings wherever he could find them. He started performing weekly at-home livestreams, dubbed Live from the Parlor, and promoted ‘Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff’ from his house in Nashville, along with commencing work on another album.
All That You Can Dream, is understandably introspective, as it’s anchored by Phillips’ empathetic voice and rich acoustic guitar. The album’s lyrics attempt to make sense of an uncertain, anxiety-riddled time, while coming to terms with the idea that once-unshakeable things now seem fragile or fallible. The collection of songs bears the markings of his prolific output, a melodic prowess and an ear for lyric in everyday conversation. This is Grant-Lee Phillips at his most reflective, wrestling with the most pertinent of questions. Focusing on life in quarantine and the ever-shifting political landscape, this collection shows that Phillips remains one of the finest singer-songwriters of our time.