GIRL IN RED ‘If I Could Make It Go Quiet’


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Less than three years after releasing her breakout single ‘i wanna be your girlfriend’ , girl in red has established herself as one of international pop’s most hotly tipped, and compellingly original, emerging stars. In a departure from the lo-fi indie sound of her early work, her debut album, if i could make it go quiet, finds the Norwegian artist embracing a vibrant, polished new approach – although the deeply personal quality of her songwriting remains as potent as ever.

Themes of mental health struggles, sexuality and adolescence are powerfully juxtaposed against a high-energy indie-pop soundscape, as she unapologetically pushes at the boundaries of both genre and social norms. At 22-years-old, girl in red embodies the key Gen Z values in her music – taking a provocative stance in the rejection of traditional labels, and boldly embracing freedom of expression. Stylistically, she rarely settles – jumping from pop-rap influences on ‘Serotonin’, to the Americana-flavoured approach of First Aid Kit on ‘Rue’. With FINNEAS co-producing the former track, and girl in red’s roots in bedroom pop, the Billie Eilish comparisons are unavoidable.