FOUR LIONS ‘Wide Awake’


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Imagine an album of early-nineties Oasis songs performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Four Lions have accomplished just that on their new album Wide
Awake. The Bendigo-based rockers’ fifth album is finally finished & ready for release on 15th October, having taken an extra 18 months to make in the stop-start Covid era. But frontman Shann Lions says despite the numerous setbacks, Four Lions has created its best record in every gamut of the songwriting, performances and production.

Lions came up with the idea of creating a stadium rock album during the band’s 2019 Hard Days national tour. “I remember watching The Killers on the MCG with Jack Riewoldt (in the 2018 AFL grand final) thinking that would be a dream to be performing there,” Lions says. “The only way to do that is for me to dissemble the records of artists who play stadiums. Bands like The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Springsteen, Oasis, INXS, U2 … how do they write songs that resonate in such a way with people?” Lions says the Wide Awake album ended up benefitting from the extra time it took to make.

*We’re huge fans of this great ‘local’ band & hosted a FANTASTIC in-store on release of their previous album ‘HARD DAYS’ back in 2019….yeah….remember those!?  Definitely check that album out too!