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Crossover combines the best of US and UK soul traditions with distinctly – and specifically Indigenous – Australian perspectives. Words like “smooth” and “confident” come to mind, but perhaps “lush” is more appropriate. Like 2014 release DawnCrossover provides a depth of sound that rewards re-listens, but don’t torture yourself trying to pick just one favourite. Highlights include Don’t Give Up On Me, an especially satisfying angsty anthem, while Pink Skirt draws a simple personal story into an epic musical tradition – easily of the quality that Aretha or Nina could have delivered at their best.

Songs in traditional language, Yarian Mitji and Warrell Creek Song, provide a reminder that Donovan isn’t, actually, a Motown-er, but instead Australian. This is made even starker with the superb Mob March, an arresting protest song that brings old American soul sounds to (sadly) still contemporary Australian struggles, with its delivery and content extremely moving. Sing along, groove along, and then, dear listener, get up and act! Closer Pretty One is a shameless tear-jerker, so lean in and sob it out.

It’s a gorgeous collection with amazing support from The Putbacks – and it’s a damn pleasure to listen to.

**IMAGE IS NOT ACTUAL ALBUM COVER!!  (with apologies – had computie issues!)