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While Hanlon has always been known for his lackadaisical and funny takes on his day-to-day life, it’s the softer, more reflective songs that provide most value to Life Tax. ‘Uncle Viv & Aunty Phyllis’ is a love story to rival the best; a tale about his uncle, aunt and their love and life together seven decades deep. At nearly ten minutes in length, ‘Uncle Viv & Aunty Phyllis’ is a calming and homely take on a simple yet fulfilling life’s story. Opening and closing the song with the sentiment of not being able to make his uncle’s funeral in spite of the cost and border closures, it’s a song that will resonate deeply with many of the population who may have experienced similar situations over the past two years.
With a similar sentiment to ‘Uncle Viv & Aunty Phillis’, ‘Let’s Grow Old Together’ is rich with harmonies, duets and vivid storytelling. A little more upbeat than its predecessor, it feels like it could be straight out of the Johnny Cash playbook. Darren’s songs feature a mix of serious & more light-hearted subjects, and he handles “both sides of the coin” equally well!