COWBOY ‘Reach for the Sky’


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KILLER SOUTHERN ROCK!     This is their rare debut album, originally released in 1970.

Fine, soulful Southern rock, long overdue for re-discovery!  Led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton, the Jacksonville band Cowboy was discovered by none other than Duane Allman. ‘Reach for the Sky’ features some great songs from Boyer and Talton, and has a loose, informal feel with acoustic guitars and harmonies a-plenty!  With the emphasis Cowboy placed on vocal harmonies, it begs belief that they weren’t able to capitalize on either the country-rock or singer-songwriter movements of the early Seventies, but it’s quite likely provincial preconceptions fostered by their Dixie heritage (combined with some suspect business arrangements) hindered their commercial progress, despite the obvious virtues of their sound

ABB founder and leader Duane Allman heard Cowboy and recommended his manager sign them to his label, an act of advocacy that may also have resulted in the inclusion of their song “Please Be With Me” on Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Blvd. album. But it was Cowboy’s ability to sing and play that moved Skeydog’s brother Gregg to enlist their assistance (and offer them some deserved exposure) on his initial solo outing in 1973.   The group nevertheless existed in relative obscurity as a home- grown act over the course of their first two albums, It’s little wonder Cowboy’s held on to the ‘small but dedicated following’ Boyer refers to in the liner notes of this their debut album.