BOB DYLAN 1970 3CD *with special guest GEORGE HARRISON


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On 4 December last year, Sony ‘released’ 50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 Bob Dylan collection that included all the outtakes from the ‘New Morning’ and ‘Self Portrait’ sessions that were not already available on The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait along with a legendary session with George Harrison.

This was put out in extremely limited quantities (in Europe only) and these kind of releases have happened for the last eight years and have become known as the ‘Copyright Collection’ series. Due to fan demand this 1970 set is now available for a full commercial release (albeit it’s still limited to some degree).

These are all the unreleased recordings from 1970, effectively. There are 74 tracks in total and nine of those feature George Harrison. In fact this commercial version includes two extra tracks that were “inadvertently left off the original release”.  In addition to working on original songs, the sessions feature Dylan and his rotating team, including Charlie Daniels, David Bromberg and Al Kooper, working on covers by folk contemporaries Tom Paxton, Buffy St. Marie, and ‘50s classics by Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and the Everly Brothers.