BILL FAY ‘Still Some Light Part 1’ 2CD


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If there is a collection of songs that is deserving of reissue it is Bill Fay’s Still Some Light. The English songwriter released two impeccable albums in the early 1970s before being dropped from his label. His records grew in cult status in the 1990s – back when “rare” recordings were genuinely difficult to find – with Time of the Last Persecution (recorded in 1971) propelling rumours that the notoriously private musician had gone off to lead some religious group, or disappeared entirely.
Bill Fay has always sung about attempting to understand the most universal questions: those of nature, spirituality, humanity. His songs are “calming hymns for another chaotic time”, he says. Originally released in 2010 by David Tibet (Current 93), Still Some Light was released as a double CD, made up of 70’s album demos (Disc One) and 2009 home recordings (Disc Two).
What stands out here, even in these early recordings, is the arrangement of piano and guitar – Ray Russell’s playing on the latter is a force of nature, pulling back and letting go at just the right moments. These early sessions are imbued with vitality. The band is a conduit for Fay’s impeccable songs that, even in their early state, are something to behold.