BABY VELVET (Hannah Crofts) ‘Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else’


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A member of Australian folk, alt. country band ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS, Hannah Crofts has toured the world dressed in vintage gowns and rhinestone boots. Some of the group’s highlights include winning an ARIA Award (in 2017), as well as travelling across the USA supporting Midnight Oil.

With the group unable to continue their constant touring schedule when the pandemic arrived, Crofts decided to turn her creative focus inward with the seeds sewn for her debut solo album. Released under the moniker Baby Velvet, ‘Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else’ is diary-entry songwriting at its best, with themes of love, self-discovery and womanhood delivered with remarkable sincerity. Crofts holds a mirror up to her self-doubts on the buoyant What the Hell is Wrong With Me, before reflecting on choices made to curb loneliness on Best in Show. Brimming with charm and relatability, Crofts’ debut asserts that she is a talent hard to ignore.

Across ten cuts, Baby Velvet explores a range of reflective subjects; from heartbreak and making the same mistakes to self-doubt, as well as the darker realities of tour life. Sometimes a record’s title is so compelling it demands to be listened to. Such is the case with Baby Velvet’s impressive debut.