WILCO ‘Ode to Joy’


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The group’s 11th LP, their best in years, is a beautiful exercise in downhearted uplift.

After three Jeff Tweedy solo records and a memoir, Wilco’s first album since 2016 arrives like a reunion. It sounds like one too: simple, straightforward songs, most with acoustic guitar at the core, other melodic tendrils and rhythms and harmonic drones curling up like ivy, a long-running conversation being picked up, slow but sure. The sound recalls Sky Blue Sky, the very first album by the band’s current lineup, and the spirit definitely feels informed by its bandleader’s recent path: Tweedy’s deep dive into Tweedy. These are all positives. Ode To Joy shows off some of Wilco’s prettiest and most comforting songs, Tweedy’s enlarged heart transplanted back into a band — its lineup now unchanged for roughly half of its 25-year history — that’s never sounded more empathic.