WATCHHOUSE ‘Self titled’


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You may know the duo of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz by the name Mandolin Orange. The critically acclaimed folk duo – who incorporate elements of Appalachian folk, bluegrass, and singer-songwriter styles in their work.

Though the songs for this their 6th album, were written before the pandemic, being forced to slow down & abandon touring gave the pair a chance to reevaluate their direction. The Mandolin Orange name, no longer suited them, so they decided to relaunch under the name Watchhouse, after the name of a place of solitude from Andrew’s childhood.

While the name may have changed, much is still the same with these two outstanding artists. On their new, self-titled album, Andrew sings most of the leads, with Emily contributing a few tracks of her own. She plays a variety of strings, and plays them all well. The writing stands out for it’s high quality & their harmonies are sublime. Watchhouse is a quiet, reflective record, made for listening with intent and focused attention.   While the album contains some electric elements, it is a largely acoustic record that is not afraid to be soft and draw you in.  I have not stopped playing this beautiful record…check it out!