VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘Soul Jazz Recs. Presents Fashion Records: A-Class Top Notch Hi Fi Sounds In Fine Style’ – 2CD


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Soul Jazz Records has collected almost twenty years of UK reggae and dancehall label Fashion Records on their new compilation Style & Fashion. An iconic independent label that nurtured a homegrown roster of reggae talent, Fashion rode the wave of ’80s dancehall in the UK, dipping into the sweet sound of lovers rock and dub on the way.

In the mid-’90s, the label was influential in connecting Jamaican and British MCs and dancehall artists with young producers to release a series of early jungle tracks. The 19-track collection showcases work from artists who enjoyed crossover mainstream success, along those who were less well known, and features music by Laurel & Hardy, Smiley Culture, Cutty Ranks and General Levy among others.

This album is a cracking ride through some of the many unique and heavyweight tracks to come out of the Fashion stable – some classics, some lesser-known, all 100% killer.