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Once producers Tim Cole and Bao Bao Chen learned how potentially damaging climate change could be to the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions of Earth’s southern hemisphere, they set about compiling an album’s worth of fused music from those areas, so that the musical connections binding the whole could be spotlighted and raise awareness.

The beautifully packaged and impressively diverse 18 tracks of Small Island Big Song are the result of Cole and Chen’s labors, and the oceanic songlines they present will fill your ears with some of the most heartfelt and evocative sounds imaginable. Whilst most of the more than 30 artists involved will be new to you, this disc is likely to come across as a succession of delightful discoveries.

There is a wealth of information about all the artists and countries involved in this project at Small Island Big Song. It inlcudes text, audio, some stunning video and photographs.

There are also a lot of “process” video, on how the project was made, on their YouTube channel.

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