TOWER OF POWER ’50 Years of Funk & Soul: Live @ Fox Theater 6/2018 (2CD/DVD)


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It’s the rare band that lasts more than a couple decades. Those that can celebrate half a century are scarce indeed. For Tower of Power, the passing of 50 years, 20-plus recordings, thousands of gigs and seemingly nearly as many band members produced a concert for the ages. Two nights of sold out shows in the band’s hometown of Oakland, captured on the new 50 Years of Funk and Soul: Live at the Fox Theater, demonstrated that Tower of Power is still as tight, soulful and energetic as it gets.

The band hits it hard right from the opening “Stroke ’75  Whichever song or song title you want to bring up, Tower of Power throws down shimmering soul and greasy funk, with organ swells, stinging guitar, gorgeous vocals and its celebrated horn section.

The accompanying DVD gives the viewer insights into Tower of Power, alongside the concert.

You want highlights? Pick a song, any song. Tower of Power has long been famed for its live shows, the group is as polished as ever, yet still full of passion and sheer fun.

The band continues to showcase the best in funk and soul, 50 years on. What’s cool today might become passé, but Tower of Power never will be anything less than hip.