TOBIAS HENGEVELD ‘Naughts & Ones’ – CD


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Following 2014’s acclaimed release The Daylight Express, Melbourne songwriter Tobias Hengeveld returns with the soulful Naughts & Ones. The album is a triumphant mirror-maze of snappy pop tunes that throw into sharp relief the remnant streaks of dark rock Hengeveld is better known for.

Written slowly, the songs were reimagined at lightning-speed in collaboration with producer/drummer Rohan Sforcina (Four Hundred Acres/Oh Mercy/Dune Rats). The process breathed energy and the air of surprise into a sound that plumbs Tobias’ formative experiences of music ever-deeper. The indelible melodies of childhood radio hits by the likes of XTC, Splits Enz, The Stranglers, Roxy Music and The Church were the situational influences that moulded his signature bent for song construction. Naughts & Ones is a triumphant testament to a starkly original sound that is hard to define, and even harder to forget.