THELMA PLUM ‘Better In Blak’ – CD


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Thelma Plum’s Better In Blak is an album of healing, transforming the pain and sadness of a dark few years into a courageous, self-assured debut album. Seeking closure and self-care during this difficult period ended up sharpening the 24-year-old’s songwriting pen with a plainspoken honesty, resulting in her strongest music yet.

It’s a great step-up from 2014’s Monsters EP and the folksy strumming she uploaded to Triple J Unearthed back in 2012. But it isn’t a complete departure, it’s an evolution, you can hear traces of her earlier work in the songs that deal, like those releases, with love that’s not gone right. Not to mention that both Paul Kelly and Paul McCartney contributed songwriting to the album!

Sure, there’s sadness and vulnerability in sharing hardship, but Thelma doesn’t come off as a victim for a second – rather, she comes across as charming, courageous and witty – and gifted with a voice that can express those feelings in a way that really hits you. No dull moments on this one – this is a wonderful collection of sparkling pop songs and naked acoustic ballads that both make you smile as well as think. Kudos!

*Also available on 12″ vinyl