THE WOMBATS ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’


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‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ is a surprisingly reserved record…A slower, funkier, and bass-heavy piece.
They may not have been the first to couple upbeat pop melodies with nihilistic commentary on modern life, but they’ve been doing it far longer than a lot of contemporaries who fell by the wayside long ago.

Whether it’s the existential crisis set to a carefree jazz groove of ‘Everything I Love Is Going To Die’ or the optimistic, atmospheric mellowness of ‘Method To The Madness’, ‘Fix Yourself Not The World’ updates that tried and tested formula with songs recorded remotely in lockdown that will have you contemplating all your life choices on a dancefloor of your choosing.

In what could be the older and wiser brother to 2015’s Glitterbug, The Wombats look to greet the morning with a little more surety and sobriety, and leave the generation-defining club days behind them. This is an album of expertly deployed pop-rock with an eclectic palate but aimed down the middle — groovy, hooky, full of vibrant arrangements and evocative lyrics. Pop ambition, indie ideals and sonic experimentation: it’s all here.