THE STROKES ‘The New Abnormal’


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According to a recent stage announcement, The Strokes “took the 2010s off”.  That announcement confirmed what many gathered at the time: this was not a band exactly putting their back into it. Now, however, they’re back, and steps are taken here to remind us via studio banter (“The click was always in you, Fab…”) and a casual attitude to ending songs, that this remains a band of brothers in a room together, doing what they do best.

Producer Rick Rubin is on hand, stripping away the layers to arrive at an essence. Duly, on several songs here Rubin helps peel back the years to reveal an energy and a passion that reminds you just how powerful was the band’s initial proposition.

In fine voice throughout, lead singer JULIAN CASABLANCAS & his songs aren’t far behind. While there are familiar modes, the album also attempts to reconcile the band’s core sound with progressions in Casablancas’s musical interests.