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The Seekers’ story has been well documented, but not many people know that the genesis of the group stretches back to the 1950’s and that the Seekers were originally an all-male group. It was in these early formative years that Athol Guy, Keith Potger, Bruce Woodley and Ken Ray (who later left and was replaced by Judith Durham) crafted their unique vocal harmony style that would eventually lead them to worldwide success and a place in music history.

Now the legendary story of Australia’s first supergroup comes full circle in this highly anticipated new release, Back To Our Roots. With the addition of long-time Seekers producer and guitarist/singer extraordinaire Michael Cristiano as the ‘fourth voice’, the Original Seekers re-visit songs they’d sung in earlier years – and a few they wish they’d sung – all with that unmistakable four-part male harmony sound.

Michael Cristiano’s production is sublime, Keith Potger’s vocal arrangements are wonderful and the musicianship is top-notch. With their unique vocal sound, the Original Seekers weave a mix of up-tempo foot-tapping songs with beautifully atmospheric and emotional moments.