THE LONG RYDERS ‘Psychedelic Country Soul’ – CD


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Psychedelic Country Soul is a triumphant return for Americana pioneers, the Long Ryders. The album doesn’t just sound like the Long Ryders used to sound 30 years ago; it sounds like the Long Ryders never left us to begin with. The playing and songwriting here is as strong as ever – the album’s 12 songs flowing together to create an old-school full album experience.

The band welcomes some other 1980’s stalwarts onto the album. Fellow Paisley Underground alumni Debbi and Vicki Peterson of the Bangles provide backing vocals on “Let It Fly” and “Walls”. Meanwhile on “Molly Somebody”, Sid Griffin shares writing credit with Steve Barton, former leader of another prime ’80s guitar band, Translator.

Psychedelic Country Soul is an album that’s not just an impressive follow-up to a career that fans thought was long over, but a splendid entry into the contemporary Americana field, one that The Long Ryders had an underappreciated hand in crafting. To put it more precisely, they sound timeless.