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Undress is the 14th album from American folk-rock/country duo The Felice Brothers, and on this one, their sound and vision has matured and focused, as the band does its best at making sense of modern times.

Produced by Jeremy Backofen, Undress features a four-piece band with brothers and founding members Ian and James Felice joined by drummer Will Lawrence and new bassist Jesske Hume. Throughout, a variety of instruments wonderfully serve the song arrangements. Banjo, accordion, pedal steel, various horns, keyboards, guitars and shuffling rhythms proliferate. Nodding back to the Stones and The Band, these familiar sounds serve an open-souled gospel vision, rooted in upstate New York reality and dreams.

The meticulous production and arrangement compels close listening to Undress, not just to comprehend the point(s) the group is trying to make, but to appreciate the finely-tuned care with which they have offered their observations and asked their questions. This is a poignant and potent collection of vignettes of American folk storytelling.