THE DOOBIE BROTHERS ‘Live From The Beacon Theatre’ – 2CD+DVD


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In November 2018, The Doobie Brothers returned to the Beacon Theatre in New York for the first time in 25 years to perform two of their landmark albums, Toulouse Street and The Captain And Me. This 2CD+DVD edition captures the full performance from both albums in their entirety, plus three encore tracks.

This historic performance at the Beacon offered an opportunity for Doobie fans to hear deep cuts and songs never-before performed live by the band, such as “Mamaloi,” “O’Connelly Corners,” “Ukiah,” and “The Captain And Me.” The original members of the band, including Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston, and John McFee shared the stage with long-time bass player, John Cowan, Ed Toth on drums, Billy Payne on keyboards, Marc Russo on sax, and most recent addition, Marc Quinones on percussion. On this evening, the band was also joined by two members from the Steely Dan horn section, making quite the talented party.

The Beacon Theatre, with its history, beauty and superb acoustics, is the perfect location for filming a live performance – and now, fans beyond those in the Beacon’s 2600 seats that night will have the pleasure of watching and singing along with this iconic group.