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British/American psychedelic rock band The Claypool Lennon Delirium is made up of virtuoso bassist Les Claypool (made famous by weirdo funk band Primus), and Sean Lennon (son of Yoko and John). Given their backgrounds in Primus and Cibo Matto respectively, what comes out of their union isn’t surprising – a very old-school psychedelic sound and enough progressive elements to make any Claypool fan happy, and a clear demonstration of their chemistry.

South of Reality ends up doing everything it sets out to do and is everything you could want it to be.  There’s plenty of challenging stuff here for longterm fans, and other songs that will appeal to almost everyone. Claypool’s bass is still popping, while Lennon’s guitar masters familiar rock licks. And there’s enough skill and joy in this music to make repeated listening worthwhile. What makes it most rewarding is the elasticity of their work, giving the record a sense of scope that underpins the gonzo array of aesthetics they’ve sewn together here. South of Reality, ultimately, is a great album – but more importantly, it’s a great adventure.