THE CASH BOX KINGS ‘Hail to the Kings!’ – CD


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World-class Chicago blues masters the Cash Box Kings deliver a fresh, exhilarating take on the real deal Windy City sound, filled with soul-deep singing, brawny harmonica, stinging guitar and infectious ensemble playing. They are revered around the world for their dedication to creating rich, timeless blues. The thirteen-song collection is the tenth album of the storied band’s career, which means you’ll hear all the experience and confidence you would expect, but also innovation – both musically and lyrically – that is sure to keep the Blues alive and meaningful in years to come.

Piloted by Joe Nosek’s harmonica and Oscar Wilson’s distinctive vocals, Hail to the Kings! is a powerhouse of an album that works from deep inside the Chicago Blues-style groove they have truly mastered, but also dipping into tasty elements from the Delta as well as some swing, rockabilly, and even some straight-up rock. Raucous talent!