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Call It Home Vol 1 & 2 is the California Honeydrops’ seventh album (and first double album). Recorded over a year and a half, the album takes its inspiration from the many facets and ever-changing nature of the idea of home—a subject frontman and co-founder Lech Wierzynski thinks a lot about. “Home’s been on my mind since I was a kid,” he says. “I was born in Warsaw, Poland. My parents were always talking about missing where they were from and I was always wondering who I was in that way, whether I was Polish or Amercan or both.”
Drummer and co-founder Ben Malament mentions that it also grapples with the many changes their longtime home of Oakland, California has undergone in the past decade. “We’ve always been a Bay Area band and the Bay Area has been such a hotbed of change the last 10 years. It’s been interesting for us to see and live in, and it’s affected the way the band works.”

The band took to the studio on breaks from touring, collaborating on a multitude of tracks blending a diverse array of styles. On the decision to compile and release them all as a double album, Wierzynski says, “This was a breakthrough year for the band. I wanted something that captured the totality, instead of doing something small. That’s why you’ve got the whole cosmos on the album cover.” Expect to be taken on a meandering and beautiful journey!