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The California Honeydrops’ 2015 album A River’s Invitation is an entertaining journey through genres, topped by a strong set of pipes from frontman Lech Wierzynski. Mixing together little tastes of R&B, funk, Southern soul, Delta blues, gospel, and adding just a pinch of psychedelic groove, the sound is reminiscent of Wierzynski’s childhood, where he holds fond memories of sneaking old American blues records into his room in Poland.

The group’s playing is tight and the production is crisp and clear – perhaps a sense of ease and comfort shining through because recording took place in Wierzynski’s living room. The Honeydrops can confidently say they’ve made a studio album that can compete with their reputed live show. Muscle Shoals all over, A River’s Invitation is eclectic and versatile, a soundtrack befitting of practically all of life’s adventures. Whether it’s accompanying a long car ride in the summer sun, or a fun night out with friends, this album is a feel-good, musical adventure that is sure to supply the soundtrack to the summer.