THE ALLIGATOR WINE ‘Demons of the Mind’


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A twisted haven of creative sounds and fresh thinking.  Delightfully dark in places whilst fantastically Funkadelic in others.  Let Rob Vitacca and Thomas Teufel take you on an inspirational and experimental mind trip with this incredible album.

A rising of organ notes and a cackle of birds.  A deep voice draws you in with talk of suffering.  It sucks you down and then spits you out with a shout of “Shotgun” and the music takes off.  It is upbeat, drum-heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll but there’s a hint of something else.  A clip-clop of cowbell, a gesture of Jazz in places?  One track in and it is already difficult to believe that there are just 2 members in this band and no guitars.  

This album will pull you in, hype you up, tease you down, gently lull you, play with your brain, funk you up, set fire to your heart and calmly return you.  Go and listen.  Seek out those demons!