SMITH STREET BAND ‘Don’t Waste Your Anger’


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Don’t Waste Your Anger, the fifth studio album from Melbourne six piece The Smith Street Band was set in motion a little over two years ago when the band, with the help of a handful of family and friends, set about building their own solar powered recording studio on the edge of the Wombat State Forest in regional Victoria.  Over a couple of months an empty tin shed that was once a motorbike garage would be turned into a multi room recording studio designed specifically around the way the band like to record, and all running entirely off grid. With the Bush House studio built, The Smith Street Band bunkered down and started writing new music, recording their progress every day in order to learn how their new space sounded and how they sounded in it.

The resulting 10 tracks that make up Don’t Waste Your Anger are home to all The Smith Street Band characteristics: relatable, authentic lyrics and a raw emotionally charged performance. From the opening track ‘God Is Dead’ the album traverses the fierce while also venturing to fragile moments with tracks ‘Dirty Water’ and ‘Losing It’. First single from the album, ‘Big Smoke’, was penned about moving to the bush, falling in love, living somewhere it snows for the first time and only owning one pair of nice pants.