ROB SNARSKI ‘Sparrow & Swan’ – CD


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Rob Snarski’s second solo album Sparrow & Swan sees a gravitational pull towards the narrative – a change in direction and songwriting process. It’s a folk album, but to try to fit it into one genre does not do it justice. Snarski layers sound and uses his voice as an instrument. These are little stories rather than songs, poetry set to intricate interplay.

The album was recorded over spring and summer at Yikesville Studios in Yarraville with maestro guitarist Shane O’Mara. A talented cast of musicians contributed to the recording including the vocal talents of Rebecca Barnard (of acclaimed duo Broads), the wandering hands of Kiernan Box on piano, both Ben Franz and Rosie Westbrook on double bass and Ben Wiesner on drums and percussion. Sparrow & Swan is something to listen to in one sitting, easily his best work to date.