PRINCE ‘Originals’ – CD


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It was said that only Prince knew the combination to his legendary vault with the spinning wheel doorknob. But sometime after his death in 2016, the hulking door was drilled open, revealing an astounding archive of unreleased songs – so many thousands of tapes and hard drives that his estate could allegedly release a Prince album every year for the next century. Now, the latest from the vault, comes Prince: Originals, a compilation of 14 previously unreleased songs written for other performers that prove once and for all that a Prince demo was often better than most other musicians’ finished songs. It offers a window onto the playfulness of his improvisations and, in a structure that mimics the range of an actual Prince album, shifts nimbly between up-tempo songs and ballads, sweat and tears, near impossible to stay sitting still while listening.

Hearing Prince sing these songs that he gave to other performers brings you close to the pulse of his artistry: transgressive, funky, sexy, a testament to his genius even in the form of demos. The production values here exceed most of the finished works: not so much blueprints, as purpleprints.