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Phoebe Bridgers , is regarded as one of the brightest stars to come out of the ever-renewing pool of creative talent that bubbles away in Southern California. Her new album, following the release last year of a brillant allbum with Better Oblivion Community Center, her collaboration with Conor Oberst, is one of those collections of individually crafted jewels that have instant appeal, and yet grow in richness every time you’re drawn, compulsively, to hear them again.

The qualities that distinguish Bridgers have to do with her being totally herself and knowing how to write about it with the gift of poetry. This is unusual for a 25 year-old. Her strength and unusual talent come from her being able to play on the knife-edge between intense vulnerability and humour, the seduction of pop hooks and a sound universe rich in textures and surprises, melancholy mixed with joy,  beguiling innocence contrasted with an uncanny  knowingness, and perhaps most striking of all, a way with words that’s allusive and poetic as well as being crystal-clear in its simplicity. Almost every single moment on this album is exquisitely thrilling: the perfect medicine at a time of doubt and fear. *She also contributed a stunning version of ‘Jessye’ Lisabeth to MERCURY REV’s fabulous tribute to BOBBY GENTRY of last year, ‘THE DELTA SWEETE REVISITED’.