PAUL KELLY & PAUL GRABOWSKY ‘Please Leave Your Light On’


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Paul Kelly has continued his reign as one of Australia’s most prolific artists, announcing his latest album, Please Leave Your Light On – a collaboration with Paul Grabowsky.  Having toured together with the Australian Art Orchestra’s Meet Me in the Middle of the Air in 2010, the pair continued their collaborations, with the new record seeing Grabowsky adapting Kelly’s songs (which make up the majority of the release) for the piano/voice combination.

“As Paul mentioned, all the songs except one were written by me over many years,” Kelly added. “The most recent one, ‘True To You’, opens the album with a little nod to the Gershwin Brothers and it’s the only song that hasn’t appeared in another form on a previous record.  We chose the other songs with a mind to their suitability for direct address, close, concentrated performance and room for silence to draw the listener in.  So, light the fire, make a hearty one-pot meal for the one you love, open a bottle of wine and get comfortable. Now drop the needle and turn up the stereo. There’s plenty of space here for all.”