PASSI JO & WARAKO MUSICA ‘Tosepela Esengo’ – 2CD


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Tosepela Esengo is the long awaited debut release from the award-winning Australian band Warako Musica, lead by the internationally renowned Congolese musician Passi Jo. Regrettably, he did not live to see the album completed. Here it is then – Passi Jo’s final gift. From Super Boboto (Congo) to Kass Kass (France) to Warako Musica (Australia) to Black Boris (in the beyond), with his music Jo brought joy, happy feet and happy hearts. His message is simple: ‘tosepela esengo (Lingala, his original language), meaning enjoy yourself, be happy!

These songs have been played extensively around Australia at festivals, events and venues large and small over many years and were finally recorded between 2013-15. Thousands of feet have danced to them! They reflect Passi Jo’s Rumba and Soukouss musical roots, combined with Afrobeat and Cuban Salsa. Play these tunes and you won’t be able to sit still for long! They are eminently danceable and are so full of joy.