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At midnight on Saturday night July 20 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party took to the stage at WOMAD festival in Sussex, England. After sitting in silence for two minutes, what unfolded over the following hours stunned the audience. And it impressed upon Nusrat his remarkable skill at communicating with audiences from a different culture and language and with no understanding of the deep and ancient traditions of qawwali music. Singing to a non-Asian audience for the first time this music transcended barriers and lead to long and successful relationship with WOMAD, Real Word Records and Peter Gabriel.

Four of the finest songs from this concert have been selected for this release. The songs extend and grow in a way that rarely happens in studio recordings. It includes a full-length 21-minute version of the iconic song ‘Allah Ho Allah Ho’. Live at WOMAD is a panoramic musical landscape of all the wonderfulness that made Mr. Ali Khan’s vocals so breathtaking. Listeners are treated to the brightness of song, the reverent ecstasy of Qawwali devotion and vocalizations that sound as if they grew out of the fires of earth. Original photographs taken of the concert that night at WOMAD have also been sourced and seen for the first time. This a remarkable record of a magical event that changed the perception of Sufi music to a wider audience and set Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on a path to the international recognition of his genius.